Message from the President

It was a great honor and privilege to have served as President of IUAA for the year 2016. I am grateful to the Patron to have entrusted me with this responsibility.
The main goal of IUAA is to support and promote its member graduates. With this in mind, I will briefly outline our initiatives in 2016. For the first time, we have conducted an alumni awareness session in which we helped graduating students understand the role of IUAA and how it can be of future benefit to graduates. We conducted career counselling sessions in which we invited notable professionals, some of whom were IUAA members, to provide guidance on the options available for graduating students. We are introducing IUAA membership cards with associated benefits at participating commercial establishments. We are also launching the IUAA App (Android version) with features to facilitate communication and collaboration between alumni members, share useful information about job openings, and keep in touch with the latest news happenings at IU. Lastly, in another first for IUAA, we are publishing a year book in which we not only give recognition to new graduates, but also honor the achievements of past ones. We will be distributing the year book to reputable organizations in order to publicize the achievements and potential of Isra’s graduates. I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank the Office Bearers, volunteers, and IUAA staff that made all this possible.
This year was an excellent learning experience for myself. Did we do enough!? No! Could we have done better!? Yes! We have plenty of ideas which we will be sharing with the incoming IUAA Team in order to maintain continuity and improve IUAA’s effectiveness. I have every confidence that they will build upon what we have managed to achieve and do better.
I would like to congratulate the current graduates of IU and welcome them to IUAA. I hope and pray that you all achieve the best and have prosperous and fulfilling lives. Always remember, IUAA’s sole rationale is its members. It is what we, the members, make of it. It is our collective responsibility as members that, having received as students, it is now our turn to give back as graduates. So, let us all contribute and make IUAA a strong and vibrant organization.

Dr. Ahmed Waliullah Kazi