Session of Dr. Farhat Hashmi


Isra University Alumni Association (IUAA) in collaboration with Isra University, Hyderabad invited Dr. Farhat Hashmi, founder of Al-Huda International Welfare Foundation and internationally known female Islamic Scholar on 29th January 2018. She is considered as iconic figure for all Muslims specially females and has helped generations of Muslims develop a personal relationship with Quran. The session started with the recitation of some verses from the Holy Quran. Following that Ms. Humaira Jabeen, President IUAA gave welcome address to the audience and presented souvenir to our worthy guest speaker. After that, Dr. Farhat was invited upon the stage and delivered lecture on “Ways to success in the light of Surah Al A’la”. The talk revolved around the theme of Surah Al A’la, emphasized the realities of life, discussed the true factors of success in the life hereafter, and how we can save ourselves from failure and regret. She described the prestige and status of Almighty Allah in detail, defined Islam as a great unifier, and gave some righteous advices for a prosperous living in the light of Islamic teachings. Upon completion of session, question answer session was followed and audience looked so delighted to get a chance to talk to her and ask their queries.

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