Alumni Awareness Day’17


When students graduate, they form an irrevocable bond with the university which lasts forever. They become an integral part of the institute through its Alumni network. To promote an understanding of how final year students can stay connected to their Alma Mater when they graduate by the end of this year, Isra University Alumni Association (IUAA) organized Alumni Awareness Day on March 21 2017. Patron IUAA, Professor Dr. Asadullah Kazi, delivered the Welcome Address and told students about how and when this association was established. Vice President IUAA, Ms. Saina Amir, gave an overall overview of IUAA, its purpose and how students can benefit from it. IUAA took two pioneering initiatives last year by introducing Alumni Card and Yearbook. Ms. Nimra Saleem presented on their details and the way forward for this year. President IUAA, Dr. Ahmed Waliullah Kazi, made closing remarks and addressed the queries of the audience. The students also voted for their student representatives through ballot paper voting. These elected volunteers will work with IUAA throughout the year and help the association in coordinating with students of their respective programs.