Interactive session on Managing Depression

Depression is living in a body that fights to survive, with a mind that tries to die. Isra University Alumni Association arranged an interactive session on Managing Depression on 13 September 2017. Dr. Imran Y. Muhammad (Sitara-e-Imtiaz), Founder Transfor..

Information Session on Foreign Scholarships

Isra University Alumni Association organized a session on “Foreign Scholarships”. The purpose of this event was to create awareness among students regarding different foreign scholarship opportunities throughout the globe. Ms. Ayesha Amin, a bright al..

Alumni Awareness Day’17

When students graduate, they form an irrevocable bond with the university which lasts forever. They become an integral part of the institute through its Alumni network. To promote an understanding of how final year students can stay connected to their Alm..

Annual Alumni Gathering’17

We live our life fulfilling our quotidian duties oblivious to blessings that surround us and by the time we realize what we have been blessed with, it is usually too late. However when our old times call us, nostalgia comes rushing to our mind in a splash..

Alumni Membership Card

Isra University Alumni Association (IUAA) introduced its “Alumni Membership Card” this year at the Annual Alumni Gathering 2017. IUAA members can avail discounts from several brand outlets, companies, and restaurants using this card. Currently, we hav..

IUAA Launches “Yearbook 2017”

Isra University Alumni Association (IUAA) started the publication of an annual book at the Annual Alumni Gathering 2017. This book featured profiles of the outstanding graduates of 2016. It also honored the accomplishments of our notable alumni who have e..

Career Counselling Session (DPT)

Isra University Alumni Association organized a career counselling session for DPT (Doctor of Physiotherapy) students to guide them about future career decision activities. Speakers in this session were accomplished professionals in field of physiotherapy ..