About Isra Alumni Association

The Isra University Alumni Association is a platform to promote and facilitate lifelong links between the University and its Alumni Community. On the one hand, it is dedicated to building an active relationship between the University and its former graduates, on the other hand, it would be a great source of inspiration for the current students through frequent meetings, counseling and guidance from the former graduates. The membership of Alumni Association is free of cost and open to all the graduates and graduating students of the University. However, they are required to complete the formalities by filling the membership forms


  • To provide an environment of interaction among the former graduates of the University and the current students.
  • To provide a platform to the former graduates to foster and promote inter-personal relationship among the old students of the University.
  • To provide an opportunity to the current students to seek guidance and councilling from the former graduates on matters of personal interest.
  • To publish a graduate directory for circulation amongst the members.
  • To arrange an annual get together and dinner in honor of the graduating students.
  • To put forth efforts to promote the welfare of the alma mater.
  • To maintain cooperation and solidarity amongst the members of the Association and to foster the spirit of cohesiveness.
  • To benefit the current students from the experiences of former graduates with respect to job market, job search and career planning.
  • To create an environment of intellectual prosperity for the leaders of tomorrow.
  • To arrange lectures, seminars, symposia and so forth, in order to apprise its members of the various aspects of research, development and innovations helpful in the construction of knowledge societies.

These aims are provisional and subject to change. The members are encouraged to give their suggestions for further improvements.